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Titan 357

3-In-1 Automated Combinatorial Peptide Synthesizer

The Titan 357 is three automated synthesizers in one and a powerful tool for drug discovery.

  • Use as a parallel synthesizer to prepare up to 36 peptides simultaneously
  • Use as a scale-up synthesizer to prepare large quantities of a single peptide
  • Use as a split-and-combine synthesizer to generate combinatorial libraries up to millions of compounds
  • Dual robotic arms for precise AA/reagent delivery and resin transfer
  • Variable speed vortex mixing
  • Mix and Split Technology

The Titan 357 synthesizer is a powerful tool for drug discovery. It serves as three automated synthesizers in one. As a parallel synthesizer it prepares up to 36 peptides simultaneously. It is also a 550 mL scale-up synthesizer, as well as a split-and-combine synthesizer for preparing combinatorial peptide libraries. It can prepare split-and-combine libraries containing millions of compounds for high throughput screening and lead discovery. In lead development and optimization studies, the Titan 357 can prepare up to 36 peptides simultaneously. Finally, it can prepare single peptides in multi-gram quantities for initial in vivo testing.


Precise Delivery

The Titan 357™ utilizes one arm to accurately and precisely deliver amino acids and reagents. The second arm is equipped with a special silanized glass probe for transferring resin suspended in solvent, allowing for the split-and-combine protocols.