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Custom Peptide and Peptide Synthesis Company

AAPPTec, LLC is an American peptide synthesis company located in Louisville, KY, that provides a complete line of peptide products ranging from automated peptide synthesizers to peptide-related laboratory equipment and high-quality reagents. AAPPTec peptide synthesis products help chemists prepare and analyze peptides in research for semi-preparative and preparative scale. We provide all the technical information and instructions for each step of peptide synthesis and purification. AAPPTec also offers custom peptides, for those who prefer not to synthesize their own peptides, in quantities from mg to kg, in purities from crude to 98% pure, all at an affordable price.


Our sales team is highly trained in the qualities, benefits and use of our products, and we are here to help you make important purchasing decisions. Many members of our sales team hold advanced degrees in chemistry and our customer service representatives have many years of experience in the peptide field. We are ready to help you with questions, special orders, and quote requests.


Founded by renowned peptide chemist, Dr. Hossain Saneii, and staffed by peptide chemists and engineers with a combined 100+ years of experience in the peptide field, AAPPTec understands what is important to peptide chemists and to their success.

Our production team is highly skilled and has been building our instruments for many years. Specialized parts are made in our well-equipped production facility by expert technicians, with many years of experience in our business.

AAPPTec continually strives to provide the latest technology at the most competitive prices with the highest level of customer support to peptide chemists worldwide.

We welcome your suggestions regarding our products and customer support. Please tell us how we can serve you better.

Please send your suggestions to or call +1 (502) 968-2223 to reach our headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Peptide Synthesis Companies

AAPPTec – Custom peptide synthesis is AAPPTec’s specialty. AAPPTec’sexperienced peptide chemists can quickly and efficiently prepare most peptide sequences.AAPPTec chemists have experience and expertise in preparing long peptides in high purity. As an example, AAPPTec has synthesized and delivered 78 to 91 amino acid custom peptides at 95% purity. Custom peptide synthesis services provided by AAPPTec are available in all scales, from milligram research scale to multi-kilogram production scale. AAPPTec provides single custom peptides, multiple peptides and custom peptide libraries in a timely manner at competitive prices.

ABI Scientific – Custom peptide synthesis services provided by ABI Scientific are available in all scales, from milligram research scale to multi-kilogram production scale. ABI Scientific provides single custom peptides, multiple peptides and custom peptide libraries in a timely manner at competitive prices.

Abbiotec – Abbiotec offers custom peptide synthesis services to the scientific community to accelerate a project.Because peptide chemistry is an essential tool to biology, Abbiotec can transform a simple peptide sequence into a powerful probe for monitoring protein activity by peptide modification and conjugation. Whether fulfilling a basic peptide needs or developing a functional assay, Abbiotec has the knowledge to provide the investigator with the right peptide.

AAPeptide(aapptec) – AAPPTecoffer custom peptide synthesis with the most competitive prices from micrograms to kilogram. With our vast experience and state of the art facility, AAPPTec are capable of producing many difficult custom peptides. We are committed to provide the best possible design and synthesis of your custom peptides. We are committed to provide quality custom peptide. Quality and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. The quality of each peptide is controlled by MS, HPLC and other standard analysis methods. Before we release a custom peptide product we verify carefully that the quality and identity meet customer specifications. A Certificate of Analysis is also included foreach custom peptide.

Activotec – Activotec has a tradition of excellence in quality custom peptide synthesis for the biomedical research community, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and have consistently met the highest peptide standards of quality, service and technical expertise. As a peptide manufacturer, we also have the capability to perform a wide variety of synthetic peptide chemistries.

Advanced ChemTech – Advanced ChemTech provides custom peptide and chemicals manufacturing, selling raw materials for production of custom peptides, and offering contract custom peptide synthesis for solid phase, including the use of uncommon and modified amino acids manufactured on site. Peptides are delivered in your choice of configurations, modifications and purity including, cyclization, phosphorylation, acetylation, biotinylation, and succinylation. Scales range from milligram to multi-kilogram quantities.

Advanced Peptides – Advanced peptide synthesize all custom peptides using solid phase peptide chemistry. All custom peptides are manufactured in their own laboratory in Boston, MA. They offer you the highest level of quality control over the synthesis of your custom peptide ordered product. The experience of our scientists allow for fast turn around and highly specialized customer support.

Alpha Diagnostics – ADI uses latest technology in custom peptide synthesis using Fmoc/Boc chemistries to synthesize custom peptides to your specification (purity, quantities, etc.). they perform rigorous quality controls at various stages of peptide synthesis. All peptides unless requested otherwise, supplied by ADI are checked bymass spectrometry to determine the molecular mass. The expected (calculated) size must be found in the synthesized peptide. HPLC is performed to determine purity of peptides. There areno set-up fees for basic quality control (MS, HPLC).D elivery time will depend upon the size of the peptide, peptide modifications, amounts, and purity.

Alta Bioscience – Alta offer custom peptide synthesis with a flexible range of scales and purities, working in collaboration with you to create optimal solutions specifically for your synthesis project. Based in Worcestershire, UK, our experienced peptide team is able to provide custom peptides including peptide antigen generation, linear peptides, cyclic peptides and modified peptides with high purity and fast turnaround times.

They also offer a diverse spectrum of modifications, dyes and labels for incorporation in to your peptide. They offer peptide libraries, microarrays and histone peptides for screening purposes, cell penetrating peptides for cellular studies and peptide antigens for antibody production.

Almac Sciences – The Almac Group is a contract development and manufacturing organization providing a range of integrated services across the drug development lifecycle to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors globally.

Almac innovative services range from R&D, biomarker discovery development and commercialization, API manufacture, formulation development, clinical trial supply, IRT (IVRS/IWRS) through to commercial-scale manufacture.

The international company is a privately owned organization that has grown organically over the past five decades now employing over 5,000 highly skilled personnel across 17 facilities including Europe, the US and Asia.

Antagene – Antagene, Inc. is in the Bay area of San Francisco, California. The goal of the company is to provide custom peptide products and services that ultimately support academic and commercial in the area of peptide synthesis, antibody products, antibody services, diagnostic immunology, and animal service.

Auspep – Auspep is providing custom peptide and they are the only GMP manufacturer of peptides in Australia and specializes in the development and production of synthetic peptides in small scale or bulk peptide quantities, custom peptides containing unusual amino acids, Auspep has state-of-the-art equipment, personnel and expertise to satisfy all custom synthesis requests quickly and economically. The Auspep difference is our all-round knowledge in custom peptide synthesis. Quite simply, when other manufacturers give up, we will work hard to find a solution even with the most complex of peptides.

Bachem – Bachem is a technology-based, public biochemicals company providing service to the pharma and biotech industry. Bachem is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of peptides as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Bachem has more about 50 years of experience in peptide research and peptide chemistry. Headquarters in Bubendorf, Switzerland and affiliates in Europe and the US.

BAM Biotech – BAM BIOTECH CO., LTD.Provide custom peptide and active components of drugs and reagents, especially Protein, peptides and antibody. In the past years we have presented our products to different industries and research communities such as pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions. Their products and services include:

  1. Protein, Peptide and derivatives in large scale
  2. cGMP manufacture of API
  3. Custom Peptides Service
  4. Technological support for the research and development of new drugs.

Biomer Technology – Biome Technology has been providing quality custom peptide services to scientific community. They are one of the leading experts in making challenging and modified peptides. From dimers to complex beta amyloids, from simple acetylation to formulation They offer unique advantages where they are able to attach their PepDyes to practically any sequences. Whether it is a FITC labeled probe or a FRET study using doner/quencher pairs (i.e. EDANS/DABCYL, Coumarin/DNP), their experience insures highest possible success of incorporating designer dyes to peptides.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals – Custom Peptides are manufactured in the United Kingdom on site at Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) at the company’s headquarters in the North-East of England. Custom Peptides are made to order and to the precise needs of the customer. Technical consultation is given freely at the initial enquiry stage of a custom peptide in order to ensure that the correct custom peptide is designed, synthesised efficiently and the end application for its use is taken in to consideration.

CanPeptide – CanPeptide is dedicated to provide your custom peptide synthetases, regardless you are an academic researcher ,a biopharmaceutical company or a biotech company. They have extensive experience in custom peptide synthesis and analytical chemistry, their scientists are using a variety of proprietary chemical processes to provide their customers.

CASLO – CASLO ApS provide custom peptide to their regular customers in many countries. CASLO gives fast and professional support and products are delivered with guarantee. CASLO can assist with predicting the solubility of peptide, finding the correct fluorochrome to be conjugated, advises about stabilization, identifying sequences for immunization and another peptide science etc. All custom peptides are purifiedby HPLC after peptide synthesis cleavage, and products can be delivered in all purities from crude, 70% up to 99% purity. The correct sequence is identified by mass spectrometry.

Celtek Peptides – Celtek Peptides provides custom peptide synthesis services to researchers at universities and institutes, and to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. They have a strong commitment to high-quality custom peptide synthesis services with many years of experience in peptide synthesis and biology, Celtek Peptides has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram.

ChemPep – ChemPep offers custom peptides of the highest quality at competitive price. ChemPep has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram. they also offer custom services for large peptides, unusual or modified peptides, and specially designed peptides.

Chengdu Kaijie Biopharmaceutical – Kaijie Peptide Company provide custom peptide synthesis service to for many years. Their experienced peptide chemist and management are determined to be your peptide solution.

CPC Scientific – CPC Scientific is a custom peptide producer in China and USA. CPC offers thousands of catalog peptides. They can produce peptides from 2 to >200 AAs in length at purities from 80% up to 99%. They can produce any peptide modification.

CS Bio – CSBiois providing custom peptides, cGMP peptides and automated peptide synthesizers to the biotech community. Their custom peptide products and instrumentation can be found in production laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Their cGMP manufacturing facility provides cGMP peptides for preclinical and clinical programs and our commercialization and regulatory teams can take you from toxicology studies through market commercialization. They are committed to helping their customer to reach their goal of FDA approval and subsequent commercialization.

Eurogentec – Eurogentec provide multiple services including Custom peptide and their peptide engineers are capable of optimizing your peptides by leveraging a vast degree of expertise in chemical synthesis gained through over 20 years of experience, customer collaborations, and stringent quality standards. They also know that confidentiality is important to you, and will treat your project and data with the utmost care and security.

Genosphere Biotechnologies – Genosphere Biotechnologies is a service laboratory of highly experienced organic chemists and biochemists dedicated to providing affordable Custom Products and Services for research of the highest quality. Their peptide chemist team has a long successful track record for preparing biologically active molecules, including long peptides, hydrophobic sequences, and difficult unusual chemical structures that is well documented by our published literature citation.

INBIOS – INBIOS provides custom peptide synthesis and research services to universities, research institutions, pharma-Industry, and biotech companies. With a strong focus on scientific excellence and expertise in basic research, diagnostics, drug discovery and development, INBIOS is offering global services in peptide chemistry to cope with the full range of academic and industrial needs.

Innovagen – Innovagen provide a custom peptide synthesis service, either as a stand-alone service or as an integrated part in our polyclonal or monoclonal antibody services. Our experience is based on thousands of projects, where we have seen most kinds of peptides. Some of this experience is shared in various articles on the Innovagen website, which might interest you.

INTAVIS – Intavis supports you in areas like custom peptides, signal transduction, proteomics, epigenetics, immunology (e.g. epitope mapping) and many more. They are covering a wide range of applications: From the use of purified peptides for quantitative studies, fluorescently labeled peptides for localization assays, peptide libraries for economic screening purposes and CelluSpots™ peptide arrays that are based on SPOT-synthesis, Intavis peptide services offer TCP-resins for solid phase peptide synthesis.

Lonza Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 100 sites and offices and approximately 14,500 full-time employees worldwide. Lonza offers products and services from the custom development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Midwest Biotech – Midwest Biotech Inc. has taken advantage of the latest in equipment technologies and combining with the finest starting material available for their custom peptide synthesis. With their years of experience and expertise in making difficult peptides they are able to help in the design peptide for their customer.

Pepscan Systems – Pepscan is a leading global manufacturer of high quality custom peptides for over 25 years now. They have successfully synthesized >100,000 custom peptides for biopharmaceutical companies and academic customers and consistently meet the highest standards for quality, custom service, and technical expertise. Our custom peptide services are carried out under ISO 9001/2015 quality management using a range of state-of-the-art instruments in our 1,500 m2 facility. Each purified peptide is thoroughly analyzed and shipped with detailed quality control documentation.

Peptide 2.0 Inc – Peptide 2.0, They provide custom peptide synthesis services worldwide, Peptide 2.0 Inc is able to provide custom peptide services with low price the and high quality to their customers with price start with from $2.00 per amino acid.

Peptide Institute – All operations in synthesis of peptides–design, synthesis, quality control, and logistics – are performed at their new built laboratories in Osaka, Japan. Synthesis of your custom peptide is carried out by experts peptide chemistry, applying most suitable methods a combination of solution synthesis or/or solid phase synthesis, Boc/Bzl or Fmoc/Boc strategy, using best quality raw materials available, including amino acid derivatives and reagents.

Quality control is performed by no less than two different analytical methods to confirm purity. They achieve greater than 99% successful results in custom synthesis.

Peptide Sciences – Peptide Sciences specializes in the custom peptide synthesis of highly purified peptides, proteins and amino acid derivatives for scientific research and development. Peptide Sciences uses automated peptide synthesizer, and manual peptide synthesizers as well as solution and solid-phase peptide synthetic technology to offer the finest quality peptides and proteins that exceed 99% purity. From the initial stages of peptide synthesis to packaging and delivery, our company implements the most stringent quality control standards to ensure that all peptides arrive in their purest and most stable form. In house testing at all stages of production at their analytical test lab verifies their peptides sequential fingerprints for precision accuracy. This is achieved through highly accurate High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry analysis, which scientifically proves the purity, accuracy and identity of each peptide.

Peptides International – Peptides International was founded in 1983 by Dr. Hossain Saneii of AAPPTec LLC and the late Professor Arno. F. Spatola to address the need for quality products and services in the field of peptide synthesis. Thirty years later, the company is recognized around the world as a trusted source of high purity, quality products ranging from innovative resins to complex custom peptide synthesis. Today, in its laboratory facilities, the company has an active research and development program that complements its production of solid phase resins, amino acid derivatives, peptides, and related products.

Peptide Synthetics – Peptide Synthetics provide custom peptide synthesis service from Peptide Protein Research Ltd. providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices.

Phoenix Peptides – We know peptides! We have over 40 years of experience synthesizing diverse and difficult peptides, including insoluble trimers to peptides with multiple disulfide bridges and linked peptide chains. Phosphorylation, sulfonation, octanoylation, and unusual amino acid substitutions are all possible. With over 40 years of experience in peptide chemistry, who better to custom design your peptide research needs? We here at Phoenix Pharmaceuticals have synthesized everything from small simple peptides to long cyclic peptides with multiple disulfide bridges.

rPeptide – rPeptide is a biotechnology company with offices located in and around Athens, Georgia, USA, and is a market leader in providing research products (recombinant peptides and proteins, antibodies, reagents) for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease research. rPeptide also provides a range of custom services from molecular biology, protein expression and purification, to 13C and 15N uniform labeling of peptides and proteins.

Scilight Biotechnology – Scilight Bioterchnology LLC was established in 2002 in Beijing, China. Over the years, Scilight has grown into the major supplier of custom peptides for the rapidly growing Chinese users. At the same time, the demand from users around the world, especially in North America and Europe, has been growing in parallel and amounts to significant portion of the total products. With large scale production capacity, technology advantage and superior service network, Scilight is aimed to provide high quality products and best service to our clients, with continuous supplies of custom peptides synthesized from milligrams to hundreds of grams.

Severn Biotech – Severn Biotech has been making bespoke synthetic peptides since 1993. Peptides are synthesized using Fmoc chemistry on a solid phase support matrix. The final quality of the peptide product is assured by Maldi-TOF Mass spectroscopy, *Electro-spray MS and RP-HPLC analysis. Quantities normally supplied are within the range 1mg-30g. There is a wide range of synthetic peptide modifications and conjugations available, which can be incorporated into the product as part of the service. Peptides are supplied lyophilized and can also be aliquoted into vials specific to clients requirements.

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Thermo Scientific Custom Peptide synthesis service offers custom peptides with a broad range of peptide modifications to help meet a variety of research needs. Peptides between 2 and 110 amino acids in length, a range of scales (1 mg–1 g) and purity (crude to >98%) are available.

United Biosystems – United Biosystems Inc provides high quality peptide synthesis services with a success rate well above the industry standard. We emphasize providing high quality peptides at a competitive price. All peptides synthesized are provided with a mature quality control package, which includes HPLC chromatograms to ensure purity and mass spectral analysis to confirm identity.

Xaia Custom Peptides – XCP provide custom peptides. The Peptides produced is freeze-dried and will be delivered with a HPLC and mass data sheet by door to door service. The price is determined by the number of L-amino acids in sequence, amount, purification and modification.

Zhongbang Pharma-Tech CompanyZhongbang has invested a JV GMP pharmaceutical company in Togo, West Africa and two GMP pharmaceutical companies in China.The following companies were set up under Zhongbang Group: Shaanxi Zhongbang Pharma-Tech Co., Ltd., Xi’an Aobang Biological Products Co., Ltd……