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Boc-Amino Acids for Peptide Synthesis

The Boc-Amino Acids for Peptide Synthesis method was developed by Bruce Merrifield for solid phase peptide synthesis (Merrifield, R.B. J. Am Chem. Soc. 1963, 85(14), 2149-54).and it remains a popular methodology today. In this methodology, the Boc protecting group is removed from peptide N-terminal amino acid with TFA, leaving the N-terminus of the peptide protonated. In classical solid phase peptide synthesis, the protonated peptide is neutralized with a separate base wash. Later, Kent and Alewood (Schnölzer, M.; Alewood., P.; Jones, A.; Alewood, D.; Kent, S.B. Int. J. Peptide Protein Res., 1992, 40, 180-93; Schnolzer, M.; Alewood., P.; Jones, A.; Alewood, D.; Kent, S.B.H. Int. J. Peptide Res. Therap. 2007, 13 , 31–44) developed Rapid Boc chemistry, which utilizes Boc amino acid preactivation with HBTU or HATU and in situ neutralization. These protocols have been effective for preparing difficult peptides such as ACP (1-29). Most likely, protonation of the peptide disrupts the hydrogen bonding responsible for aggregation. When neutralized in situ is in the presence of an activated amino acid, the peptide couples with the activated Boc-amino acid more rapidly than the peptide can aggregate.

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