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Peptide Synthesis Reagents

AAPPTec offers the highest quality solid phase peptide synthesis reagents at very competitive prices. AAPPTec peptide synthesis reagents include not only the highest quality amino acid derivatives and reagents for solid phase peptide synthesis, but also the latest special building blocks for synthesizing difficult or structurally complex peptides. Nearly all of AAPPTec’s reagents, including rare unusual amino acids, are greater than 99% pure and most are greater than 99.5 % pure. AAPPTec’s catalog offers more than 4500 different peptide synthesis reagents. In addition to standard Fmoc-L-amino acids, Fmoc-D-amino acids, Boc-L-amino acids and Boc-D-amino acids, AAPPTec offers special building blocks such as phosphorylated amino acid derivates, glyco-amino acids, N-methyl amino acids, Fmoc-amino acid OPfp esters, pseudoproline dipeptides, Hmb- and Dmb-protected derivatives, isoacyl dipeptides, azido- and akynyl-amino acids for click chemistry, and alkenyl-amino acids for preparing stapled peptides. Other AAPPTec catalog products include unusual amino acids, PEG derivatives, fluorescent dyes for peptide labeling, high quality solid phase resins, and peptide synthesis solvents and reagents.

AAPPTec is committed to customer service. On average, 98% of AAPPTec’s catalog products are in stock. This means nearly all orders can be processed and shipped with minimal delay. You won’t have to wait weeks or months to receive your order.