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COMU is a high efficiency coupling reagent.The superior reactivity of COMU can be observed by comparing the yields of difficult Aib-Aib coupling performed with the different coupling reagents.COMU can be utilized with the same protocols as HBTU and HATU.In applications where racemization is a significant concern, only one equivalent of base can be used because the morpholino group of COMU acts as an internal base Learn more

Boc-Ala(3-I)-OMe was used to prepare 2',6'-dimethyl-L-tyrosine utilizing a microwave-assisted Negishi coupling. 2&prime,6&prime-dimethyl-l-tyrosine is widely use in the development of synthetic opioid ligands. Boc-Ala(3-I)-OMe is one of AAPPTec's many high quality amino acid products for peptide synthesis. Learn more

Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-Thr(psiMe,Me pro)-OH
AAPPTec has added the pseudoproline dipeptideFmoc-Thr(tBu)-Thr(psiMe,Me pro)-OHto its catalog. It is available in 1 gram and 5 gram bottles. For larger quantities, please contact AAPPTec. Learn more

New Chemical Catalog
AAPPTec has released its new print Chemical Catalog. Send an e-mail to and request a copy! Learn more

Fmoc-Nva(N)3-OH is a Click chemistry building block and a masked ornithine derivative. Learn more

UFA123 Stapled amino acid for preparing stapled peptides by ring closing metathesis. Learn more

Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-Ser(psi[Me,Me]pro)-OH is available from AAPPTec. Learn more

Ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate
Ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate (CXZ021) a non-explosive coupling reagent that may be used in place of HOBt, is now available from AAPPTec. Learn more

A smart new peptide synthesizer providing the peptide chemist and user, for the first time, software which analyzes any sequence no matter how difficult and provides a protocol. Eclipse presents the user with a synthesis strategy in an easy to interpret graphical display. Learn more