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Vacuum Pumps

Combination vacuum pumps combine a chemically resistant 2-stage diaphragm pump with a 2-stage rotary vane pump. Both pumps are completely vacuum and electrically interconnected. A separator after the rotary vane pump catches condensates, protecting the pump from chemical vapors and reducing the need for frequent oil changes. Ultimate pressure < 3x10-3 mbar. These pumps can be utilized with all Sharp Freeze and Sharp Vac systems.

AV109021-01 Pumping speed: 6.4 m3/h

AV109013-01 Pumping speed: 11.0 m3/h

AV109015-01 Pumping speed: 21.0 m3/h

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are compact, quiet and can reach an ultimate pressure of 2x10-3 mbar. They have a high water vapor tolerance of 60 mbar and are ideally suited for laboratory use. They require little maintenance and can easily be wiped clean. When these are used as lyophilizer pumps, the condenser should be allowed cool before the pump is activated.

AV302101 Ultimate pressure: 1.5x10-4 mbar

Pumping speed: 7.2 m3/h

AV302313 Ultimate pressure: 1.5x10-4 mbar

Pumping speed: 11.0 m3/h