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The Solution

The Solution automated organic synthesizer brings the efficiency and time-savings of automated parallel high throughput synthesis to solution phase chemistry. The Solution organic synthesizer can automatically perform most solution-phase protocols chemists perform manually in round bottom flasks. The Solution organic synthesizer can even automatically perform parallel liquid-liquid extractions without user intervention. With the optional Ares reactor assembly, the Solution automated organic synthesizer can efficiently utilize solid-supported catalysts, resin-supported reagents and scavenger resins or perform solid phase reactions on resins.


  • Having 100 mL and 10 mL reactors, the Solution organic synthesizer can work simultaneously on multiple scales.
  • The Solution automatic organic synthesizer can perform multiple reactions simultaneously in 16 temperature zones at temperatures from -78 °C to 150 °C.
  • Equipped with an optional Ares reactor assembly, the Solution organic synthesizer is capable of up to 96 simultaneous resin-supported reactions.
  • Optional modular vial racks hold 1 mL up to 200 mL vials for monomers or product storage.
  • Utilizing optional titer plate racks, the Solution can perform microplate SPE and daughter plating.
  • Condensers are available for the 100 mL reactors


  • Dual robotic arms for fast and precise delivery of solvents and reagents.
  • Delivers up to 6 different solvents or reagents at up to 60 mL/min.
  • Accurately and precisely transfer milliliter to microliter volumes between any two points on the instrument work surface.
  • Unlimited rack compatibility.


  • 15 independent, magnetically stirred 100 mL round bottom reactors.
  • 96 parallel, vortex-stirred 10 mL reactors for preparing parallel libraries. Reactors may also be used to store products or intermediates.
  • Optional Sharp Vac compatible racks for easy transfer of 10 mL reactors to a centrifugal evaporator for rapid solvent removal between reactions or drying samples for storage

The Solution in the Literature

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