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Sharp Freeze™ Parts

Sharp Freeze, -55/2L, 110VAC96018801
Sharp Freeze, -55/4L, 110VAC96018901
Sharp Freeze, -55/6L, 110VAC96019001
Sharp Freeze, -55/9L, 110VAC96019101
Sharp Freeze, -55/2L, 220VAC96019201
Sharp Freeze, -55/4L, 220VAC96019301
Sharp Freeze, -55/6L, 220VAC96019401
Sharp Freeze, -55/9L, 220VAC96019501
Sharp Freeze Vacuum Pump, BSV10, 110-115 VAC10673601
Sharp Freeze Vacuum Pump, BSV10, 220-230 VAC10673701
Sharp Freeze, -80/2L, 110VAC96017801
Sharp Freeze, -80/4L, 110VAC96017601
Sharp Freeze, -80/6L, 110VAC96017901
Sharp Freeze, -80/9L, 110VAC96018001
Sharp Freeze, -80/1L, 220VAC96018101
Sharp Freeze, -80/2L, 220VAC96018201
Sharp Freeze, -80/4L, 220VAC96018301
Sharp Freeze, -80/6L, 220VAC96018401
Sharp Freeze, -80/9L, 220VAC96018501
Sharp Freeze Vacuum Pump, BSV16, 110-115 VAC10673001
Sharp Freeze Vacuum Pump, BSV16, 220-230 VAC10673201
Sensor Vacuum, ZJ-52T10673101
Seal, Centering Ring, 25mm26032401
Seal, Centering Ring, 16mm26032501
Seal Chamber26032601
Valve, Rubber, 3/4”, Vacuum15089101
Chamber, 15” H15089201
Chamber, 10” H15089301
Manifold, Chamber, Top, 8 Port15089401
Manifold, Chamber, Top, 6 Port15089501
Manifold, Chamber, Top, 4 PortFD000062
Manifold, Chamber, Top Extension, 4 PortFD000063
Base, Tree Holder15089601
Tree 8 Port15089701
Asm, Tree, 8 Port95063501
ASM, Shelf, 15” H95063601
ASM, Shelf, 10” H95063701
ASM, Sharp Freeze, -80/4L, Table95063201