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Resin Linkers

Resin linkers are chemical entities used to "link" a compound to a resin bead during solid phase synthesis. The nature of the linker determines the kind of chemistry that can be performed, and the conditions under which products can be cleaved from (i.e. removed from) the resin.


There are a wide variety of resin linkers available from AAPPTec. These products include the HMP linker, an acid labile linker used to synthesize peptides with C-terminal COOH and the Rink amide linker used to prepare peptide amides. The Ramage amide linker and Sieber linker are very acid labile resin linker for producing protected peptide amides for solution phase fragment coupling.


Other specialized linkers are the HMBA linker for producing substituted peptide amides and peptide esters, the Weinreb linker for preparing peptide aldehydes and the DHP linker for anchoring alcohols such as amino acid alcohols.

AAPPTec can provide resin linkers in bulk quantities.  Please send an e-mail to for a quotation or use the On-Line Quote Request.