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Peptide Purification and Lyophilizing Products

AAPPTec offers supporting peptide laboratory instruments for peptide purification and lyophilizing samples to help with peptide research. The AAPPTec HPLC system and Sharp Freeze™ Lyophilizer provide the highest quality results and are ideal for purifying and concentrating peptides. AAPPTec’s peptide products for research include add-on accessories that give peptide researchers more flexibility, performance and control over their work. The AAPPTec Sharp Freeze™ Lyophilizer can be used with ACTEvap™ for simultaneously evaporating or lyophilizing many samples, and the Sharp Freeze™ can be used with various manifold and chamber styles. The AAPPTec HPLC Preparative System can include pumps with 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL or 1000 mL pump heads, and the HPLC Semi-Preparative System is equipped with 50 mL pump heads. Learn why researchers worldwide trust AAPPTec peptide products. Contact us about a free demonstration in your lab.



HPLC Systems

Analytical, Semi-Prep, Preparative

Affordable systems with high purification performance and measurement accuracy.

Sharp Freeze™


A reliable laboratory instrument that provides maximum cooling surface.