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The Triton TM Centrifugal syringe peptide synthesizer allows the operator to run 32 long peptides and short peptides syntheses simultaneously. The TritonTM uses disposable syringe barrel type reactors with filters in the bottom for synthesis and cleavage. There are two reactor sizes: 32 x 5mL(5mg-250mg) or 18 x 10mL(25mg- 500mg) disposable syringe barrels. The length of each peptide can be short or long sequences.

All solvents and reagents are precisely measured by syringe
before they are delivered simultaneously into all of the reactors and mechanically mixed.

The instrument can be paused or stopped at any point during the synthesis. In any step of the synthesis, the operator may remove an individual reactor and perform a special operation requiring special conditions or utilizing very sensitive or special reactant manually. After that step, the reactor can be returned to the device for continuation of the oligomer assembly. It therefore enables the synthesis of peptides containing even very sensitive, costly or valuable monomeric units, which need special treatment and conditions.


High-quality crude peptides are produced by the following factors in the TritonTM centrifugal peptide synthesizer:

1) The centrifugal force used for emptying the reactors in the TritonTM removes the maximum amount of solvents and reagents from the resin bed.

2) All of the solvents and reagents are measured precisely by syringe.

3) The TritonTM reduces solvent usage and also possible cross-contamination by having a reduced number of valves and tubing.

4) The software analyzes the difficult sequences and applied protocol to overcome obstacles in deprotection and coupling.

5) The system simultaneously fills and empties the reactors which accelerates the synthesis.

Width: 18.5″ (47cm)
Depth: 25″ (63.5cm)
Height: 25.5″ (65cm)
Weight: 75lbs (28kg)