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The Peptide Instruments for Research or Production

Focus XC Solid Phase Peptide Synthesizer

The Focus XC is the newest addition to AAPPTec’s line of synthesizers. The Focus XC was designed based on our Endeavor 90 Peptide Synthesizer: a synthesizer that has, since 1989, demonstrated proven quality, reliability, and flexibility in chemistry research and production worldwide. AAPPTec has taken suggestions and ideas from Endeavor 90 users and paired them with our own expertise to make major additions to the instrument – such additions have lead to what we now market as the Focus XC with SMART Software.

This system scientifically calculates and determines the lowest quantity of solvent(s) required to wash your peptide-resin properly and obtain the highest purity of your crude peptides. Whether a novice or expert chemist, the easy-to-use predictive software provides the best protocol automatically for peptide synthesis. The Focus XC has received astounding reviews since its introduction.

Easy-To-Use SMART Software

The Focus Series SMART Software reduces research time and costs by eliminating the need for trial and error synthetic peptide experiments. AAPPTec’s software immediately analyzes the sequence as you enter your amino acids, and completes the prediction. Even if you are a novice chemist, the easy-to-use predictive software provides the best protocol automatically for peptide synthesis. It also gives the expert chemist flexibility to write any type of protocol for their peptide synthesis. On-screen instructions direct users through every step of the synthesis process with point-and-click commands making operation simple. The flexibility and versatility of the software makes the Focus Series the ultimate in peptide synthesizers.

User Comments About Focus XC Peptide Synthesizers:

Johnson & Johnson 

  • “Very easy (dummy proof) software. Great RV-mixing, robust, easy to clean, better than ABI. Very good peptides. Really like the scale up ability.”
  • Research Triangle International
    “Speeds up my work. Simple to use. Very good customer service, I like the Focus XC.”

  • University of Nebraska
    “Easy to use, great flexibility. Great for scale up and long peptides, no drawbacks.”
  • Vanderbilt University
    “User friendly, walk away synthesizer. Very easy software.”


Focus Series peptide synthesizers feature a sophisticated solvent and reagent delivery system that can deliver accurate volumes from solvent/reagent bottles to amino acid vessels or reactors, between amino acid vessels and reactors or from one reactor to another. 


Focus Series synthesizers can automatically on demand calculate, measure via the measuring vessel, and deliver to each amino acid vial the exact amount of solvent required to prepare a solution of specified concentration. The amino acid solution can either be pre-activated within the amino acid vial or a portion of the stock solution can be transferred to the measuring vessel for pre-activation. After pre-activation, the solution is transferred to the reaction vessel for coupling to the resin. The contents of one amino acid vessel can be delivered entirely to one reactor or can be divided between several reactors.


Focus Series peptide synthesizers can perform double couplings by transferring the first part of the amino acid solution and saving the rest of the solution for the second coupling. Focus Series peptide instruments can also dispense for double couplings in multiple reactors.

Focus XC (2, 4, 6)

(Research Instruments)

The Focus XC is an easy to use, fully automated, solid phase peptide synthesizer.It is capable of simultaneous and parallel peptide synthesis. The powerful combination of utilizing 1–6 reactors (or optionally more lines), 24 amino acid vials, 6–7 solvent/reagent lines, a scale range of 0.01 to 5.00 mmol per reactor, and versatile user-friendly software give the Focus XC unique abilities and provide novice and expert chemists with virtually unlimited synthesis options.

The Focus XC also comes with online cleavage capabilities as well as UV monitoring and heating/cooling synthetic options. An innovative design allows the Focus XC to be placed in small spaces and does not require a fume hood. The Focus XC is specially designed for Fmoc and t-Boc chemistries, but has the capability to be used the reactor and instrument configuration and resin substitution. The Focus XC instruments are ideal for any research laboratory where efficiency, reliability, and high-quality peptide products are important. They are invaluable tools for discovery research, synthetic methods, process development and even production for phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials.

Focus XC


The Focus XC is designed to meet the demands of continued medical research advancements. The Focus XC can reliably deliver volumes as low as 200 µL to support pNA, DNA and RNA synthesis. It can also be used for traditional solid phase peptide chemistry to produce small numbers of high-quality peptides in small quantities.

Focus Xi

(Personal Synthesizer)

The Focus Xi is perfect for teaching laboratories or research laboratories with modest peptide needs. It is an affordable, dependable, single-reactor peptide synthesizer that can prepare up to 300 peptides a year. It is very flexible, with options including additional reactors, solvent/reagent lines, amino acid containers, heating/sonication modules and UV detection.

Focus XCi

(Production Synthesizer)

The Focus XCi is a fully-automated production scale synthesizer small enough to fit on a standard bench top. This instrument is capable of preparing hundreds of grams of peptide in a single synthesis. The Focus XCi is the perfect instrument for preparing peptides for cGMP and up to 100 grams of peptide production. The Focus XCi scale range is 5.0 to 50.00 mmol. Options include additional solvent/reagent lines, 8 additional amino acid containers, heating and cooling reactors, and UV detection.

UV Monitoring Option

The UV monitoring option identifies difficult deprotection positions in real-time and makes predefined adjustments to the synthesis protocols to optimize deprotection efficiency. This process minimizes deletion peptides that form when deprotection reactions are slow and the intermediate peptide resin is not fully de-protected before couplings. No more failed syntheses due to unexpected slow deprotections.

The Focus Series use interchangeable reactors in sizes ranging from 5mL to 5L allowing for variable synthesis scales depending on the instrument’s configuration. The reactors are made of glass for clear observation of the synthesis and easy access to the resin for manual additions or sampling. A durable glass frit ensures that the resin remains intact and in the reactor.


The Focus Series utilize variable speed wrist-action mixing, nitrogen bubbling, or a combination of both.

Efficient Resin Washing

The unique design of the reaction vessel allows the resin to be washed from the top of the reactor, through the resin, and then to the waste. The shower head spray feature efficiently and completely washes the sides of the reactors from the neck down, ensuring the resin remains in the bottom of the reactor so each bead makes uniform contact with the wash solvent. As an added feature, the user can also choose to wash the resin by delivering solvent to the bottom of the reactor.

Solvent/Reagent Bottles

Configurations of solvent, reagent and amino acids vary throughout the Focus Series models. The user has the option of customizing the configuration they desire.

Heating/Cooling Option

The Focus Series has a heating option that allows the reaction vessel to be heated during reactions; the heating module applies heat only during the steps specified by the user, thus eliminating unnecessary heating that can damage heat sensitive sequences or sequence positions.

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Amino Acid/Reagent Containers

The Focus Series Instruments are equipped with 16, 24, or 36 amino acid/reagent containers. Each amino acid container can be assigned to a single residue in the peptide sequence or used as stock amino acid reservoirs and accessed multiple times for multiple couplings for one or all peptides. The Focus Instruments have amino acid capacity to prepare six 80 amino acid peptides without interruption.

The Focus Series software allows the user to assign specific amino acids or reagents to each amino acid container as needed for the synthesis. The flexibility of the Focus Series™ allows for unattended completion of an entire synthesis, regardless of the scale or peptide length.

The Focus Series can utilize either powder or pre-dissolved amino acids. The amino acid solution can be pre-activated within the amino acid vial or a portion of the stock solution can be transferred to the measuring vessel for pre-activation. All liquids are transferred under positive nitrogen pressure from a solvent or reagent container maintaining a completely inert atmosphere maintained by nitrogen or argon.