Peptide Synthesizers

Research to Production

AAPPTec manufactures automated peptide synthesizers for every production scale from research (a few milligrams) to pilot-plant and production (multi-kilograms).  Our peptide instruments include the Endeavor 90, a benchtop automated peptide synthesizer with a long history of reliable service, the Apex 396, the leading peptide library synthesizer in the market, and the Titan 357, the first split-combine combinatorial peptide synthesizer.  Our latest instruments include the Focus XC line of fully automated peptide synthesizers and the Apex 396HT for high throughput synthesis of peptide libraries in convenient 96 well titer plates.  

Producing Quality Peptides

Automated solid phase peptide synthesizers from AAPPTec are versatile, easy to use instruments that produce high-quality peptides economically.  AAPPTec produces peptide instruments suitable for many applications, including research scale peptide synthesis, production scale peptide synthesis, parallel peptide synthesis and combinatorial peptide library synthesis.




Short Description



EclipseTM is a smart new peptide synthesizer providing the peptide chemist and user, for the first time, software whichanalyzes any sequence no matter how difficult and provides a protocol.


Infinity 2400™

Infinity 2400™ Microwave Peptide Organic Synthesizer


Focus Xi

The Focus Xi peptide synthesis instrument is an economical training tool and is suitable for preparing small numbers of peptides for research applications.


Focus XC

The Focus XC solid phase peptide synthesizer with 2, 4, or 6 reaction vessels is a fully automated peptide syntheisizer many sophisticated options and features that make it the premier peptide instrument. Scale: 0.01 mM to 5.0 mM


Focus XC II

The Focus XC II is specially designed for automated DNA and PNA synthesis.  This DNA synthesizer features 2 reactors that allow two different DNA or PNA oligomers to be prepared at the same time.


Focus XC III

The Focus XC III is a scale-up automated peptide instrument that fits on a laboratory bench top.  The Focus XC III is capable of producing hundreds of grams of high quality peptide in a single synthesis.  


Apex 396

The Apex 396 is an automated parallel peptide synthesizer that can prepare up to 96 peptides at a time.  The Apex 396 peptide instrument is ideally suited for drug lead optimization, structure-activity studies and receptor binding studies where parallel peptide synthesis is paramount.


Apex 396HT

The Apex 396HT Peptide Library Synthesizer can prepare up to 192 peptides in standard titier plates.

Model 400

Model 400

The Model 400 is a mini pilot plant solid phase peptide synthesizer suitable for preparing kilograms of peptide under cGMP.

Model 400

Model 400-P4

The Model 400 – P4 is a production scale solid phase peptide synthesizer with a reactor capacity of 100L to 500 L.  AAPPTec will design and build the Model 400 – P4 to your specifications.

Titan 357

Titan 357

The Titan 357 is a split-and-mix automated peptide instrument for preparing combinatorial libraries of peptides for high throughput screening.

Titan 357

Endeavor 90

The Endeavor 90  is a peptide production instrument that fits on a laboratory bench.  This peptide synthesizer has user friendly software with the flexibility to allow users to create specialized protocols for challenging peptide synthesis applications.

Matrix 384

The Matrix 384 is a high through-put parallel solid phase peptide synthesizer capable of synthesizing up to 384 unique peptides at once.  The Matrix 384 can perform small molecule synthesis as well.  The Matrix 384 parallel synthesizer is superb in high throughput synthesis applications such as drug discovery and development.



The Labmate is a versatile semi-automated peptide instrument capable of both solution phase and solid phase chemistry. With optional heating and cooling capabilities, the Labmate is a useful small molecule instrument.  The Labmate is an ideal research tool for developing new chemistries, synthesis protocols and optimizing processes.