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The Vantage Automated Parallel Organic Synthesizer does it all, no matter if it is carbon-carbon bond formation, nucleophilic displacement, reduction, oxidation or carbohydrate chemistry. It is specially designed for efficient high-throughput solid phase organic synthesis.  The Vantage is equipped with an Ares reactor assembly that can cool to –78 °C and heat to 150 °C to facilitate a wide range of organic reactions. Heating and cooling in the Ares reactor is very uniform throughout the reactor assembly, with less than 1.5 °C variation between reactors.

The Ares Reactor assembly allows the performance of organic synthesis not previously possible in a standard open reactor. With complete confidence, low boiling point reagents and solvents, such as DCM, THF and toluene, can be heated above their boiling points without any significant volume loss. The new Teflonâ„¢ membrane system independently and completely seals the top and bottom of each reactor and can maintain pressures from 0 to 6 barr. Hence the Vantage can carry out high-pressure reactions that are usually conducted in a sealed tube.

After the library synthesis is completed, the products are automatically cleaved and collected in individual vials, ready for analysis, testing, or evaporation.

Multiprobe Fast Delivery System

The MultiProbe Fast Delivery System reduces synthesis time dramatically. The 6 probes wash an Ares 96 well reactor assembly in less than one minute. Up to 6 different reagents with unique volumes can be transferred simultaneously within 2 minutes to 96 reactor wells.

Features & Options 

  • Program-Controlled Variable Speed Vortex Mixer
  • Inert Atmosphere System
  • Numerous Amino Acid and Reaction Vessel Configurations
  • Temperature-Controlled Monomer Vessels
  • 95 mL and 190 mL Monomer Vessels
  • Easy-to-Use Windows Software
  • Diluter/Syringe Dispensing System with Microliter Accuracy


Examples of the Reactions the Vantage Automated Parallel Organic Synthesizer Can Perform:




Aromatic Substitution




Diels-Alder Emmons

Ester Formation


Heck Coupling

Imine Formation


Michael Addition

Nitro Group Reduction

Sonagashira Coupling

Stille Coupling

Suzuki Coupling



For additional information about the Vantage Automated Parallel Organic Synthesizer, please send an email to sales@aapptec.com.