Lab Mate

Labmateâ„¢ Personal Manual Parallel Synthesizer is a compact, versatile, manually-operated parallel synthesizer that will save chemists time and increase productivity.  The LabMate parallel synthesizer is ideal for research and  process development. The key to the LabMate Personal Synthesizer’s affordable flexibility lies in its use of ordinary laboratory glassware and equipment. Users do not have to buy machine-specific accessories dedicated to a single instrument; they can use the same circulators and standard 14/20 glassware they already own. Sharing equipment allows LabMate users to avoid purchasing duplicative hardware and lowers the cost of research and development, formulation, and other chemical or pharmaceutical applications. It is an excellent tool for developing synthetic methods for automated library production and high throughput synthesis.  The LabMate Personal Synthesizer’s elegant simplicity and flexibility make it the perfect choice for any chemist running solution or solid phase reactions in parallel, regardless of whether the reaction conditions require refluxing, inert atmospheres, reagent gases, or vacuum.

Solution Phase Reactions

The LabMate Personal Manual Parallel Synthesizer can be outfitted for a variety of volumes between 0.5 mL and 20 mL.  Solution phase reactions can be performed in inexpensive glass vial reactors or in optional 14/20 glass jointed reactors for more demanding chemistry.  Solid phase synthesis on resins or synthesis with solid-supported reagents can be performed utilizing the optional solid phase synthesis configuration which includes Teflon reactors, waste module and collection module.

The LabMate is available with either a single temperature zone or four independently controlled temperature zones that can heat to +150 °C. Cooling to -78 °C is available with the single temperature zone LabMate.  Alternatively, the LabMate can be outfitted for use with any common laboratory circulator.

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