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Spirit HPLC Columns


Spiritâ„¢ HPLC Columns for peptides, proteins and organic compounds provide performance that is unsurpassed in efficiency, reliability and reproducibility.  Manufactured using novel proprietary technologies, Spiritâ„¢ HPLC columns are simply the best reverse phase columns available today. Spiritâ„¢ columns ensure greater separation efficiency, resistance to extreme pH conditions and longer column life. Our “Ultra-Fast” HPLC columns are made in 3-5 cm lengths, in order to get quick analytical results, whereas the “High Efficiency” HPLC columns are normally in 15-20cm lengths to obtain the best resolution.  The “Microbore” columns are particularly designed for LC/MS applications. The high detection sensitivity of these columns allows for the use of smaller quantities of samples, and also decreases the required volume of solvents.

Spiritâ„¢ Organic, Peptide and Protein HPLC Columns are all uniquely designed with optimized pore size distribution:

  • 100 Angstrom for Organic
  • 120 Angstrom for Peptide
  • 300 Angstrom for Protein

Narrow Bore and Microbore HPLC Columns

Spirit HPLC columns are also available in narrow bore and microbore configurations.  Narrow bore (3.0 mm diameter) and microbore (2.1 mm diameter) HPLC columns require lower flow rates than larger diameter columns.  This can significantly reduce solvent use and waste generation, leading to lower operation costs.  Due to the low flow rates required, microbore columns are ideal for LC-MS applications.  Additionally, narrow bore and microbore columns require less sample and provide greater sensitivity for very small samples.

The Advantages of Narrow Bore and Microbore HPLC Columns

  • Reduced solvent use
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Increased sensitivity for very small samples

All AAPPTec HPLC columns work with 0 – 100% organic, as well as aqueous mobile phases, without any limitations.  Simply select a column designated for your type of sample to achieve superior results.

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