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STAL-2; TRAP-6 [141136-83-6]

Catalog Number: P002489
Sequence: Ser-Phe-Leu-Leu-Arg-Asn-NH2
Synonym: STAL-2; TRAP
CAS Number: [141136-83-6]
Molecular Weight: 747.9
Molecular Formula: C34H57N11O8
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P002489STAL-2; TRAP-6 [141136-83-6]

Other Names: Thrombin Receptor Activating Peptide; TRAP-6

This hexapeptide, referred to as STAL-2 or TRAP (Thrombin Receptor Activating Peptide), is a protease-activated receptor (PAR-1) agonist peptide.  Cocks, T.; et al., Gastroenterol., 116, 586, (1999); Mule, F.; et al., J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 303, 1265, (2002)Offermanns S.; et al, Biochem. J., 290, 27, (1993); Selnick, H.; et al., Curr. Med. Chem.- Cardio. Hematological Agents, 1, 47, (2003).

MW: 747.9