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Rink Amide ChemMatrix Resin

Catalog Number: RCZ005
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RCZ005Rink Amide ChemMatrix Resin

H-Rink Amide ChemMatrix resin is a popular resin for preparing high quality crude peptide amides with long or difficult sequences.  ChemMatrix resin swells up to twice as much as standard polystyrene-based resins in common SPPS solvents such as DCM, DMF and NMP.  This increased swelling allows much improved access of solvents and reagents to reactive sites, thus reducing impurities and by products resulting from incomplete reactions and deletion sequences.  In addition, the PEG structure of the ChemMatrix resin helps reduce aggregation of the peptide chain as it is synthesized which also reduces impurities due to incomplete reactions.

H-Rink Amide ChemMatrix resin swells significantly more in TFA than polystyrene resins.  To assure good recovery of peptides prepared on this resin, the resin should be rinsed with TFA after cleavage.