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Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH [71989-18-9]

Catalog Number: AFE105
Synonym: Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH
CAS Number: [71989-18-9]
Molecular Weight: 425.5
Molecular Formula: C24H27NO6
* Refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data (including water content).
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AFE105 Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH [71989-18-9]

N-Fmoc-L-glutamic acid gamma tert-butyl ester    >99%

Molecular Weight: 425.5

Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH is the standard Fmoc-protected derivatives of Glu used in peptide synthesis. The t-butyl ester of the side chain is removed in the same conditions used to cleave peptides from Wang resin or Rink amide resin. The t-butyl cations formed in the hydrolysis of the ester can produce byproducts by reattaching to nucleophilic residues in the peptide, so nucleophilic scavengers such as thiophenol and anisole should be added to the cleavage mixture when Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH are utilized.