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Fmoc-beta-Ala-OH [35737-10-1]

Catalog Number: AFA010
Synonym: Fmoc-beta-Ala-OH
CAS Number: [35737-10-1]
Molecular Weight: 311.3
Molecular Formula: C18H17NO4
* Refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data (including water content).
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AFA010Fmoc-beta-Ala-OH [35737-10-1]

N-Fmoc-beta-alanine; 3-(Fmoc-amino)-propanoic acid

Fmoc-beta-Ala-OH is the simplest Fmoc- beta amino acid and is the only one without a chiral center.  Beta-alanine is often utilized as a spacer to link two biologically active structures together.

Molecular Weight: 311.3