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Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH [154445-77-9]

Catalog Number: AFR105
Synonym: Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH
CAS Number: [154445-77-9]
Molecular Weight: 648.7
Molecular Formula: C34H40N4O7S
* Refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data (including water content).
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AFR105Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH [154445-77-9]

N-alpha-Fmoc-N-g-(2,2,4,6,7-pentamethyldihydrobenzofuran-5-sulfonyl)-L-arginine    >99%

Molecular Weight: 648.7

The Pbf group of Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH can be cleaved under moderate acid conditions.  The amount of tryptophan alkylation is significantly reduced compared to other arginine side chain protecting groups, especially in the absence of scavengers. In one example reported in the literature, a peptide containing Arg(Pmc) was cleaved and deprotected TFA resulted 46% of the desired peptide. When the same sequence containing Arg(Pmc) was treated in the same manner, 69% of the desired peptide was obtained (C.G. Fields, G.B. Fields Tetrahedron Lett. 1993, 34, 6661-6664).