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OxymaPure [Ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate] [3849-21-6]

Catalog Number: CXZ021
Synonym: Ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate
Application: Oxyma Pure is a non-explosive low-reacemation additive for peptide coupling reactions
CAS Number: [3849-21-6]
Molecular Weight: 142.11
Molecular Formula: C5H6N2O3
* Refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data (including water content).
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CXZ021OxymaPure [Ethyl (hydroxyimino)cyanoacetate] [3849-21-6]

Other Names: Oxyma Pure; Ethyl cyanoglyoxylate-2-oxime; Ethyl isonitrosocyanoacetate;

OxymaPure is a non-explosive coupling reagent that may be used in place of HOBt.  In a study of difficult coupling where a second coupling was required, Oxyma / DIC, compared to HATU / sym-collidine, was shown to be superior.  Oxyma / DIC clearly improved the content of the desired peptide in the crude product mixture, making the synthesis more convenient and cost effective (A Caporale, N Doti, A Sandomenico, M Ruvo, J. Pept. Sci., 2017, 23, 272-281).

OxymaPure  / DIC is reported as the preferred method of preparing peptide-porphyrin conjugates which are promising targets to treat viral brain infections. (DA Mendonca, M Bakker, C Cruz-Oliveira, et. al., Bioconjugate Chem., 2021, 32, 1067-1077).

R. Subirós-Funosas, et al, Chem. Eur. J., 2009, 15, 9394.

Molecular Weight: 142.11

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