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[Deamino-Cys1, D-Arg8]-Vassopressin [16679-58-6]

Catalog Number: P001572
Sequence: [Mpa1-Cys6] Mpa-Tyr-Phe-Gln-Asn-Cys-Pro-D-Arg-Gly-NH2
CAS Number: [16679-58-6]
Molecular Weight: 1069.1
Molecular Formula: C46H64N14O12S2
* Refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data (including water content).
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P001572[Deamino-Cys1, D-Arg8]-Vassopressin [16679-58-6]

Other Names: Desmopressin

Desmopressin is the first vasopressin analog with a very high, very specific antidiuretic effect.  It also improves human learning and memory processes.  Weingartner, H; et al., Science, 211, 601, (1981); Zaoral, M; Int. J. Peptide Protein Res., 25, 561, (1985); de Wied, D; van Ree, JM., Eur. Arch. Psychiatr. Neurol. Sci., 238, 323, (1989); Ecelbarger, CA; et al., J. Am. Soc. Nephrol., 12, 207, (2001); Sun, R; et al., Am J. Physiol. Renal Physiol., 289, F768, (2005).

MW: 1069.1

Desmopressin is also available in pharmaceutical grade: P000508