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[D-Pro194]-Interleukin-1beta (193-195), human

Catalog Number: P000663
Sequence: Lys-D-Pro-Thr
CAS Number: [117027-34-6]
Molecular Weight: 344.41
Molecular Formula: C15H28N4O5
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P000663[D-Pro194]-Interleukin-1beta (193-195), human

Other Names: [D-Pro194]-IL-1b (193-195), human

[D-Pro194]-IL-1beta (193-195) antagonizes the hyperalgesia induced by IL-1beta in a dose-dependent manner and may be the prototype for a new class of analgesics.  Ferreira, SH; et al., Nature, 334, 698, (1988); Safieh-Garabedian, B; et al., J. Neuroimmunol., 73, 162, (1997).

MW: 344.41