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beta-Lipotropin (88-91) [72189-84-5]

Catalog Number: P001029
Sequence: Lys-Lys-Gly-Glu
Synonym: beta-Lipotropin (86-89) human
CAS Number: [72189-84-5]
Molecular Weight: 460.53
Molecular Formula: C19H36N6O7
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P001029beta-Lipotropin (88-91) [72189-84-5]

Other Names: beta-Endorphin (28-31), human; Melanotropin-Potentiating Factor

This tetrapeptide potentiates the interaction of beta-endorphin with its brain opiate receptors and potentiates the melanotropic activity of melanocye-stimulating hormones.  Carter, RJ; et al., Nature, 279, 74, (1979); Logan, A; et al., Peptides, 2, 121, (1981); Morley, JS; Ensor, DM., Life Sci., 45, 1341, (1989); Owen, DB; et al., Peptides, 18, 1015, (1997).

MW: 460.53