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[Arg15, Asp16,25 ,Pro18,21,23 ,Val22 ,Ile24]-Amyloid beta-Protein (15-25)

Catalog Number: P000582
Sequence: Arg-Asp-Leu-Pro-Phe-Phe-Pro-Val-Pro-Ile-Asp
CAS Number: [182912-63-6]
Molecular Weight: 1315.55
Molecular Formula: C64H94N14O16
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P000582[Arg15, Asp16,25 ,Pro18,21,23 ,Val22 ,Ile24]-Amyloid beta-Protein (15-25)

This peptide has a similar degree of hydrophobicity as native amyloid beta-protein, but does not readily adopt the beta-sheet conformation.  It inhibits amyloid beta-peptide fibril formation and partially disaggregates preformed fibrils in vitro. Sato, C.; et al., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 226, 672, (1996).

MW: 1315.55