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Apelin-13, human, bovine [217082-58-1]

Catalog Number: P001250
Synonym: Apelin-13, human, bovine
CAS Number: [217082-58-1]
Molecular Weight: 1550.86
Molecular Formula: C69H111N23O16S
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P001250Apelin-13, human, bovine [217082-58-1]

This peptide has blood-pressure-lowering effects in hypertensive rats and neuroprotective effects on experimental ischemic stroke.  Tatemoto, K.; et al.,  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 251, 471 (1998); Xin, Q; et al., Peptides, 63, 55 (2015).

MW: 1550.86