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Ac-[DTrp16]-Endothelin-1 (16-21), human [143037-33-6]

Catalog Number: P001063
Sequence: Ac-D-Trp-Leu-Asp-Ile-Ile-Trp
Synonym: Ac-
CAS Number: [143037-33-6]
Molecular Weight: 887.03
Molecular Formula: C46H62N8O10
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P001063Ac-[DTrp16]-Endothelin-1 (16-21), human [143037-33-6]

Ac-[DTrp16]-Endothelin-1 (16-21) displays high affinity for the ET-A receptor and inhibits ET-1 stimulated arachidonic acid release in rabbit vascular smooth muscle cells.  Yahalom, D; et al., Mol. Pharmacol., 57, 718 (2000); Cody, WL; et al.; J. Med. Chem., 35, 3301 (1992)

MW: 887.03