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Centrifugal Peptide Synthesizer

The Triton can run 32 long peptide and short peptide syntheses simultaneously.

  • Simultaneous synthesis of up to 32 sequences with mechanical mixing

  • Low solvent consumption due to enhanced emptying and washing by centrifugal force

  • 17 Or 32 disposable syringe barrel reactors used for synthesis and cleavage

  • Scale 5 mg – 250 mg resin

  • 27 amino acid vessels with 7 solvent and reagent ports

  • Sequence difficulty prediction applied automatically to synthesis

  • Precision delivery of solvents and reagents by syringe

  • Compact and economical synthesizer to fit any lab

The Triton™ Centrifugal syringe peptide synthesizer allows the operator to run 32 long peptides and short peptides syntheses simultaneously. The Triton™ uses disposable syringe barrel type reactors with filters in the bottom for synthesis and cleavage. There are two reactor sizes: 32 x 3mL(5mg-100mg) or 17 x 10mL(25mg-250mg) disposable syringe barrels. The length of each peptide can be short or long sequences. All solvents and reagents are precisely measured by syringe before they are delivered simultaneously into all of the reactors and mechanically mixed.

Superior Solvent Removal

The centrifugal force used for emptying the reactors in the Triton™ removes the maximum amount of solvents and reagents from the resin bed.