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Large Production Scale Peptide Synthesizer

The P4-400 can prepare pharmaceutical peptides consistently and efficiently at large scales.

  • Available in multiple configurations

  • Meet cGMP requirements

  • Gentle, thorough mixing (mechanical, nitrogen, and both)

  • Top and/or bottom delivery

  • Liquid and nitrogen sensors for all delivery

  • Entire system under inert atmosphere

  • Ultra-efficient washing

  • Custom-built to specifications

  • System can be validated with IQ, OQ, PQ

The P4-400 is a large-scale production peptide synthesizer designed to prepare pharmaceutical peptides consistently and efficiently.  The P4-400 Production Scale Synthesizer can utilize standard Boc or Fmoc protocols, or the user can develop custom protocols to optimize product purity and synthesis yield. Reagents and amino acids are accurately and precisely dispensed through separate measuring vessels equipped with adjustable liquid sensors.

Purer Peptides

Amino acids are preactivated in a preactivation vessel before transfer to the reaction vessel which eliminates side reactions between the resin-peptide and coupling reagents to produce a purer product.