Try our high quality amino acids, resins and reagents and see just how much better your peptides can be!

Focus XCi

Automated Production Scale Peptide Synthesizer

With the Focus XCi you can prepare hundreds of grams of peptide in a single synthesis.

  • Highest crude purity

  • Minimum solvent usage

  • Fast synthesis

  • Standard or custom designed protocols

  • Amino acid pre-activation vessel
  • Easy-to-operate

  • Up to 10 amino acid containers
  • Options: heating, heating + cooling, UV monitoring (no UV with heating)

  • Excellent for GMP production

The Focus XCi scale range is 5.0 to 50.00 mmol of resin. The Focus XCi is the perfect instrument for preparing peptides for cGMP. Options include additional solvent/reagent lines, up to 8 additional amino acid containers for a total of 10, heating and cooling reactors, and UV detection.

Tech Specifications


UV Monitoring

Identify difficult deprotection positions in real-time and make predefined adjustments to the synthesis protocols to optimize deprotection efficiency.