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Automated Research Scale Peptide Synthesizer

A personal peptide synthesizer to automatically generate a total protocol for a provided sequence, resin amount, and resin substitution.

  • SMART™ software
  • Predicts the difficulty of the synthesis and provides the protocol
  • Fast synthesis heating capability
  • Minimum solvent usage
  • Highest quality crude peptide
  • 10 mg – 500 mg resin
  • Easy-to-operate for novice and expert
  • Standard or custom designed protocols
  • Compact and economical to fit any space

Eclipse™ is a SMART™ new peptide synthesizer providing the peptide chemist with software which analyzes any sequence no matter how difficult the deprotection and coupling. The Eclipse™ SMART™ software presents the user with a synthesis strategy in written and graphic display which provides a protocol for each step of the process including deprotection and coupling steps. Our exclusive software is based on an algorithm compiled from AAPPTec’s thirty-five years of experience synthesizing difficult peptides. The Eclipse™ is a research scale peptide synthesizer used by experts and novices alike.

Tech Specifications


Software automatically displays a graphical prediction of synthesis difficulty and calculates the solvent and reagents needed for the synthesis according to the synthesis protocol.