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Apex 396

Automated Multiple Peptide Synthesizer

The Apex 396 can rapidly prepare large peptide libraries utilizing a broad variety of solid phase chemistries in synthesis scales ranging from 1mg up to 1 gram.

  • Synthesis of 1 – 96, 1 – 192, or 1- 384 targets

  • Precise delivery of amino acids and reagents using syringe

  • Fast cycle time synthesizing 96 peptides with high-quality of crude peptide

  • Utilize optional reactor assemblies with larger reactor volumes

  • Perform unlimited chemistry with any type of protocol, such as peptide, PNA, DNA, sugar-chemistry, or any type of organic chemistry

The Apex 396 is the established market leader in multiple and single peptide synthesizers. This instrument is ideal for producing thousands of any type of peptide and protein fragments, alanine scans, epitope mapping, peptide parallel libraries, DNA and PNA. Synthesis scales range from 1 mg up to 1 gram quantity. The Apex 396 has the flexibility and capacity to produce a single peptide, a few peptides or up to 96, 192, or 384 peptides simultaneously. The dual robotic arms accurately and precisely transfer reagents between any two points on the work table. The flexibility of the indexed tabletop allows for any shape, size or placement of containers. The Apex 396 is flexible enough for any type of chemistry, including preactivation of amino acids. The Apex 396 is adaptable for the use of different reactor sizes.

Tech Specifications



Collect all 96 peptides individually for their final cleavage with a cleavage block that provides vials, a small beaker, micro-titer plates, or a test tube containing ethyl ether.