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4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34,37,40-tridecaoxahentetracontanoic acid succinimidyl ester

Other Names: 2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[(2-methoxyethoxy)ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]propionic acid

Catalog #: CSP112

Formula: C31H59NO17

M.W.: 717.8


Methyl-PEG12-NHS is utilized to derivatize peptides at the N-terminus or on lysine side chains with a PEG12 unit. This can improve the drug characteristics of the peptide by increasing its resistance to proteases. Methyl-PEG12-propionate also improves the water-solubility of hydrophobic peptides.

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