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Matrix 384

The Matrix 384 parallel peptide synthesizer is the first fully automated ultra high throughput synthesizer for preparing peptide libraries. Synthesizing up to 384 different peptides at a time, the Matrix 384 parallel peptide synthesizer can rapidly prepare  large parallel libraries of discrete peptides. The four independently controlled reactor assemblies of the Matrix 384 parallel peptide synthesizer allow the chemist to vary temperature, reaction times and mixing speeds to optimize library syntheses.  Additionally, each reactor is divided into four separate zones for further isolation of synthesis operations.

Features & Options

  • Numerous Amino Acid and Reaction Vessel Configurations
  • Temperature-Controlled Reactors
  • 95 mL and 190 mL Amino Acid Vessels
  • Program-Controlled Variable Speed Vortex Mixer
  • Easy-to-Use Windows Software
  • Diluter/Syringe Dispensing System with Microliter Accuracy
  • Inert Atmosphere System

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