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Matrix 384

The Matrix 384 parallel organic synthesizer is the first fully automated ultra high throughput organic synthesizer.  It can design and synthesize up to 384 different compounds simultaneously for rapid, efficient preparation of parallel libraries. The Matrix 384 parallel organic synthesizer features four independently controlled reactor assemblies, allowing a variety of temperatures, reaction times and mixing speeds to be utilized at the same time to optimize library syntheses.  Each reactor is divided into four separate zones for further isolation of synthesis operations.

Four Independent Ares Reactor Assemblies

The Matrix 384 High Throughput Parallel organic Synthesizer has four independently controlled Ares reactor assemblies. The Ares Reactor assembly allows the performance of organic synthesis not previously possible in a standard open reactor. With complete confidence, low boiling point reagents and solvents, like DCM, THF, and toluene can be heated above their boiling points without any significant volume loss. The new, patented, Teflon™ membrane system independently and completely seals the top and bottom of each reactor. This maintains pressures from 0 to 6 barr.

Features & Options

  • Program-Controlled Variable Speed Vortex Mixer
  • Inert Atmosphere System
  • Numerous Amino Acid and Reaction Vessel Configurations
  • Temperature-Controlled Amino Acid Vessels
  • 95 mL and 190 mL Amino Acid Vessels
  • Easy-to-Use Windows Software
  • Diluter/Syringe Dispensing System with Microliter Accuracy

Examples of the Reactions the Matrix 384 Parallel Organic Synthesizer Can Perform




Aromatic Substitution 




Diels-Alder Emmons 

Ester Formation


Heck Coupling

Imine Formation


Michael Addition

Nitro Group Reduction

Sonagashira Coupling

Stille Coupling

Suzuki Coupling 



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