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Catalog Peptides

Catalog peptides from AAPPTec are high purity, high quality peptides at highly competitive prices. AAPPTec catalog peptides are backed by our unparalleled experience in peptide synthesis. AAPPTec catalog peptides are prepared by our experienced chemists utilizing AAPPTec’s latest synthesizer technology and the proven processes to provide the utmost quality and value.

AAPPTec offers over 2300 high purity catalog peptide products in quantities suitable for research applications. For larger quantities of these peptides, please email AAPPTec at If the peptide you require is not in this catalog, AAPPTec can custom synthesize the peptide in the purity and quantity you specify.

AAPPTec catalog peptides include:

How to Handle Peptides

Peptides can have potent biological activity and may have toxic properties. Therefore, peptides should always be handed in a hood with safety glasses and gloves. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating.

Catalog peptides sold by AAPPTec are for laboratory use only, they are NOT FOR HUMAN USE. AAPPTec is not liable for damage or injury resulting from misuse of its products.