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Beta-Homo Amino Acids

Beta-homo-amino acids are analogs of standard amino acids in which the carbon skeleton has been lengthened by insertion of one carbon atom immediately after the acid group. Incorporating beta-homo-amino acids into bioactive peptides can enhance their pharmacological properties. Increased biological half-life is one common effect of including a beta-homo-amino acid. Beta-homo-amino acids can increase potency, increase selectivity and reduce toxicity.

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AAPPTec can provide derivatives of these beta-homo amino acids:

beta-HomoAla beta-HomoArg beta-HomoAsn
beta-HomoAsp beta-HomoGln beta-HomoGlu
beta-HomoIle beta-HomoLeu beta-HomoLys
beta-HomoMet beta-HomoPhe beta-HomoPro
beta-HomoSer beta-HomoThr beta-HomoTrp
beta-HomoTyr beta-HomoVal