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Linkers and Reagents

Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Linkers and Reagents


In SPPS, two types of linkers may be utilized, resin linkers that link the synthetic peptide to the resin and general linkers that are utilized to link a peptide to another oligomer, tag, or conjugate.

Resin Linkers

Resin linkers are coupled to core resins such as aminomethyl polystyrene or chloromethyl polystyrene (Merrifield resin) to produce solid phase synthesis supports with appropriate properites.

General Linkers

General linkers are used to attach a tag or label to a peptide or to conjugate a peptide with DNA, RNA, or a protein.  PEG linkers are hydrophilic and may be utilized to improve the aqueous solubility of hydrophobic peptides.

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SPPS Reagents

Reagents utilized in solid phase peptide synthesis generally belong to one of two categories: protection/deprotection reagents and coupling reagents.

Coupling Reagents

These reagents are utilized in forming peptide bonds and are either activating agents or additives utilized to form activate amino acid esters.

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Protection/Deprotection Reagents

These reagents include the products utilized in attaching protecting groups, such as Boc-ON and Fmoc-OSu, and the reagents for removing protecting groups, namely piperidine and trifluoroaciuetic acid (TFA).

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