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Te green mountain is concealed, world of mortals pure tears, destroy feeling companion often west the breeze return.Is affectionate from ancient empty remaining hate, the good dream cause comes to most easily, this present life good luck, the future life is continuous, the vicissitudes of life is Tais, new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014life and death two boundless, don't as well the Xiao Xiang is lazy to endow with a phrase of chapter.The night is cold difficult sleep, stove the cigarette is cold, waning moon Wei heavy building.Bell in the Chan hospital is far, ten thousand insides in Chu sky are empty, float to living in dream, got drunk limits of the earth traveler, Man way BE:"The rouge tears stay a person to inebriate, the life is long to hate water long east."On shearing autumn waters, on shearing carefree sorrow shear continuously, the 終 is disorderly.Lilac, the cherry breaks, always difficult forget.Can bend and unbend just comfortable

Jst regrettable, such an ice Jie talent woman, end because of sink into have no the good Tu unexpectedly ruin one a life time in Zhang Ru Zhou's hand innocent.Come to:"Look for to find, cold and dreary, windy and rainy miserably miserably troubled at heart.……, This time, how a sorrow word get?"Of chance.I certainly with full intention respect and admire, Li Qing shines on to clearly truly the delight that knows to meet with wholeheartedly of repay.Can probably, Li Qing shines on till death all not understand, this world has a lot of outside, new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014really irretrievable, need not save as well.

Wen people think that the old soldier who mixs vestige NBA nearly for years now drowns, he makes the people of this world stunned with the performance of miracle sort!Returned to°from the court match fields to all get a +, list field each time game cents, two games three section cents, continuous field +, continuous field +, again later Olympic Games champion& hellip;Is the whole of the whole express that he is just repairing own image with his own actual activity, saved in the position in the people's heart.When the MVP voice resounds through in the world, suddenly detection:Section than you make it enough much, enough good!Is enough many, enough good!

the Buddha say:Life at a life time such as body place thorn in, heart motionless, the person not and wildly moves, motionless then don't harm;If move a, person wildly moves and harms its body pain its bone, hence realize a various sort of world pain and sufferings!

Te winter night in that, the grandfather depends in the bedside and see his daughter's grandson dozen make, the grandmother use that fine wood box and have chestnut and sweet potato stem, put on the stove of square table of up, new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014we have already made to eat and have already already said to smile;The grandmother sometimes also exchange sweet potato to immerse with the boiled water of the Lao is bad, be beverage for us to drink.Is cold to drink at the mid-night hot up this of the Lao is bad, crisp whole body.

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