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Hrtle a past pulling of dead life father, but, Be getting more useless, the its head nerveless Da pulls, the blood is continuously to flow, just its eyes still consumedly of Zheng write.Owned seven dogs of lives, eventually also can not stand this ruthlessness molestation, just the Tu increased its ache.I know that it unwillingly supports to be waiting who, my elder sister finally got off work, she also hurtled to come over and saw thus of it, she collapsed quickly

Pofoundly remember, childhood, the other people humiliated me, is getting more suffered for me each time, you always a time runs to go to school and seeks other people to calculate Zhang, a time and other people to make!The figure that looking at you listens to your guidance, let me learn strong, learn inattentive other people of cool detachment, academic association use a citation piece to prove himself/herself, the walking of academic association pride his/her own road!The academic association lives an appearance not to you shameful!

I poor when father took care of the young, cultural level wasn't high, therefore the bitterness that was subjected to a lifetime, but the father has never broken to continuously lead to the fine living dream, he left all hopes to younger generation and expected we can with lend the scholarship the tie for getting away from destiny.So, the inside kind father will on a sudden become scathing while teaching me the knowledge and let my heart living to be afraid in normal times.

Tis period, you flow through how much sweat and tears, you eat excessive little suffering and pay an excessive little price, you never mention!You only wish and alone carry on the shoulder bottom, silent undertake, calm face!How much hardships, new gucci bamboo shopper bag 2014how much touching, how much not easy, probably, only you can truely realize by yourself.Is such a you, such an outward appearance is weak, heart toughness of you, would let I love of thus and deeply sink, can not from pull out.Fall in love with you, will constantly accompany you to have been standing down.Don't leave not to leave, accompanying you to also invite you to want with the most sincere heart always the very full self-confidence is to you!Is current of you, already enough excellent enough good!You have to do of, be insist being oneself, do the trueest of you!Have been enough!My pen name interest talks(two)

Tere are so some time in fact, I really want to bend over desk write a letter sends your city, think, if you see my light handwriting meeting what kind of a surprise, however, this is only a viewpoint, a year inside, I still can not be paid to an activity.Is probably oneself too the Ke engrave and always feel to write a letter to can not use a paper of commonness for you, also is probably that oneself is too lazy, there is pen in the hand, but lazy must seek to a good-looking letter paper, as time passes, this matter in mind put.If a few words of front be regarded as I write a letter to your lend, so, behind of the words are reasons, a year inside, I use a literalness method and wrote a lot of concerning your sentences, so, while often falling a word always want to engage in mental drudgery to write to order differently to you, later on, the one and other letter paper fell into a garbage box inside, I think and read to arrive here, you necessarily can understand that mood of mine, so, new gucci bamboo shopper bag 2014don't want to blame me.You say that I this continuing to long for of permanence emplacement at flow to drip of writing in, so, concern about, love dearly good?

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