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H doesn't have big house, she also willingly married him.Two personal stations while clapping to get married to shine on together, she still cannot compares with his shoulder.She is a bit difficult to is feeling, he smiles and have never said she is short, but the self-ridicule isn't oneself too Gao?The photographer takes them to the front of the background of having the step and points at him to say, you downwards stand a step.He descended a step, she the wreath live his waist from the behind, on head the shoulder that lean on him, attach in his ear silently a voice to say, you see, you next step our hearts highly ascended in the same.

When return to that to acquaint with again unfamiliar ofHouse& rdquo;, Looking at your to loose to shine on, any further out of hearing your voice, could not see your figure any further, the chair that can sit to you to do at ordinary times, calm down to calm down to recall the past days your kindly, my heart good pain good pain, but I want to endure, I can not show in grandmother's in front, I know that you walked to can not help worrying grandmother most , gucci swing tote new gucci swing tote 2014so I have the responsibility care the grandmother, although act for not you look after her and concern to fasten her and cherish her, as long as I have ability, I will definitely show filial obedience grandmother!Please have to forgive me, I really don't dare to more stay over there, because I can not stand that kind of pain go into the heart Sui miss your felling!Therefore I evaded Tomb Sweeping Day to do obeisance a fiesta you, burned point paper money for you just at the afar.Even this July , I evade not to dare to face!Till now I can not accept you to leave me to far go forever, till now I feel you always all at!Still prepare to make a phone call for you each time, be to open a telephone, just understand, having already didn't a kind of circuit can connect your nearby! Te tree desire is quiet but the breeze not only son desire keep but don't treat in person!Azrael is thus cruel, didn't suppose forever.Connect to let the opportunities that people correct mistake to all have no!But if there is future life, I still keep doing your daughter's daughter, with you happy life.Sit on the bedside to listen to you to tell a story, the Chan hands to accompany you to press street, the odd moment plays chess together and happily smiles together.Cherish and your together each penny is each , can't be like again before so the self-will made trouble to make you missing sad angry!Dear grandfather, I will have been remembering you and think of you, what you had peace of mind walks like!The tree desire is quiet but the breeze isn't only, the son desire keeps but doesn't treat in person

Is very quite in one but the small city of beauty, there are a rightness of very affectionate lovers, they see sunrise to the seaside every day and send setting sun to the seaside in the evening, each one once sees their persons all toward the vision that they throw to envy.

Wrld life, all because the transmigration of soul will also go because of transmigration of soul since then.Outstrip transmigration of soul, fondling the hand didn't living and owned of was just one to know no bounds of prairie, have no point of departure, also have no terminal point, even if is happy, eventually will annoy, even if have no pain, still have to annoy.Because of the transmigration of soul, life drive the opportunity for resetting, this present life not get, the future life sees again, hence in the life without one be fond of Mang, many one is open-minded, living as well not pleased, die as well not sad.

Stting the set isn't a shameful matter, strictly come to say that it is just a kind of service profession;Being agile, convenient, low cost and investing is little;And, take three years and four years and then can turn over a body, can become the high class white-collar worker whom the everyone envies, live comfortable life;Buy a car house buying in the city, have the opportunity the person who knows upper-class society, alongside is big style of.

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