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Oe is the worthest proud man isn't that he owned how much woman, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014but have a women to refuse all men for him.One is the worthest proud woman to not is to have what beautiful looks, but has a men you are like jewelry.

Te opportunity that are by chance previous for two years, I become friends with a rightness of old-age husband and wife, all of a pair of old mans are already advanced ages about years old elder.At with know in the confabulation of their daughter their marriage age already more than year, the knee bottom contains seven childrens, the children are all very filial, two happy old mans whom Anne enjoys the bonds of family.After all being a years to urge a person is old, the wind and frost of the passing years heartlessly chews to bite the old man's health.The wife unfortunately made change the disease that the brain atrophies, remember some faintnesses, the thinking appears confusion status, words some Dians three pour four.The children worry that rest and health that will influence a father because of the mother's disease, chases two old men separate care.

That, thought for a long time, emotion can not vindicate, deduce with the writing, then thoughted of this topic, think will you my story write into a good language and want to come or should say an oneself the story of one personal imagination now.From know that day of yours and start, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014I quietly love last you, want and display me toward you all experience and training, don't dare and depend you too near, fear and trouble the thoughts and feelings that you have already been calm, wants to quietly love you, every day the most happy matter be see you of smile, the biggest satisfies every day be say a voice to you good evening, even if you I will become south the Lao Yan that the north falls thick and fasts, hope and snowing, can rove around together with you a sky at snow in, fear and snowing, worry the Gu wolf that becomes wandering about in snow ground of another oneself, doing not beg you can return to Mou for me, only wish you can see my one eye while wiping a shoulder with me, even if much an also good.You ask me the story how of relate, when will over, I answer, probably day, probably years, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014probably forever, just you don't know that the leading role of story woulds be you at that time.But at this moment, but I don't know and say what, this story is too faraway, farawaily didn't start having been already ended.What to rejoice BE, I after speaking that topic to you, you reply my information ratio usually many some writings, after then any further have no what.Turn off a cellular phone, put on jacket, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014the light hand locks up door and walk empty avenue up, the breeze blows of have a little cold, full is the withered leaf who floats to fall on the road noodles, a car since the distance drove, the light spread at I of body up, after slid past me of shoulder the finger tip from I lightly flowed to walk, I squatted down body to fasten well loose fall of shoelace, continue to rove around of empty avenue up, just the breeze blow of have a little cold.

A that time, can have no in winter so gentle and soft now, have all over the place started a snowfall since October.Snow of the ground drowned a knee, time go to school have to trample other people to once walk of print a vestige otherwise don't know will sink what pit in go.There is no hat, scarf, gloves, snow ground Xue, face and small hand usually of jelly get is red, but the kid's man's natural character still don't freeze, we beat to roll on snow ground, heap snow man, sweep an one to cleanly jump skin Jin, have fun not as well happy.Often see here, the father always satisfiedly makes us being attributed to the Winter Solstice in every year, that dog broth of this resistant to cold.

Tke power as a counter and"operate" to go bad industry with the economics thinking, the Cao Jian Liao with meticulous care starts to construct one to be greedy for a Fu industry chain:Many owner of the real estates, village officer and solid power parties officials with many attendants crowding round, someone buys villa for him, someone sets up club building of office for him, and someone acts as his "investment agent".(People net November , )

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