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The fisherman of the ancient times mostly doesn't know a word and live according to man's natural character, but more simple, open-minded.Bend son to do fisherman question and answer , can see two kinds of different philosophy thoughts cross swords here, self-contradict and unified.Dying for country is also good, avoid a life time also good, is all kind of existence status of nature, is all kind of aggro of life.Fan Gao Xun Hua, the sea son Xun poem, three hairs die for love, Tan Si's together dying for country is a kind of heroic act, the Confucius"reach and help world, poor then conduct oneself virtuously" is a kind of intelligence, the Buddha is quiet and equal, Pu degree the myriad living things is also a kind of mercy.

Sying is nothing but so many, also want to explain :, gucci bamboo shopper gucci bamboo boston bagprobably, the many people would not like to admit of ::Much time, you think that the growth that the lover that is you is usually ungrateful to himself/herself, in fact is you falls behind his step is just.Much time, you are more helpless than your love to experience successively frustrate drive horizontal give birth to both parties' parents' intervention, in fact, however is in more rational parents' close relatives' eyes, your condition, really is a sort don't go together with just.

Yars forever young, we slowly grow up, on the road, gucci bamboo shopper gucci bamboo boston bagwe after lies, once bore beguilement, excessively leave, is over-weight to meetThough often the Ke Ke touches,the heart still keeps constantly shutting to match, brave of open, just as since go toward ground concomitant growth.The face that doesn't worry is our youth, not flurried eye, wait a years change, see our come and go even gather together into a painting at .:, hang at you I recall of old wall, pay no attention still reveal in those early years the youth ocean overflowed of ray of light.Just the time tried to usurp youth, we were all arrived different other shore by the long river Du of years, and was hard to meet.Even if such, believe that you also as stubborn as Ily think that the emotion is tightly and together a line, fasten our hearts, in spite of of partition wear several heavy landscapes, we still together, was tried to usurp by the time here of youth in, don't forget beginning heart.

Te time is like very naughty young girl, Jiao Chen wear, the Xi make, fantasy write once walk, flutter life into a string of clangorous breeze bell, shook things of the past to fall in the dust of journey of years.Lightly lean on the door of time, smile to looking at an infant of child is born with a cry, the growth is the young girl of Ping Ting, again arrive the occupation female of sense maturity at present.On your exhausted face, eventually showed smiling face.Smile dimple such as the flower, like breeze, fog, very full all spoil Ni.That radian that is tiny to raise, Of corner of mouth, beautiful in a great mess, beautiful of haughty air.

Te father still kept choosing the well descending and after all how canned it possibly was many Zhengs to order money.The elder sister was also fulfill a wish to go to city inside, same with the rich kids in the city, sit to disturbingly noisy of city area inside, enjoy a window clearly several cleanly attend school career.When father sent an elder sister to go to school, secretly dropped down tears.That old, the father is all night difficult sleep, the heart bottom inside still keeps canning not helping worrying an elder sister.

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