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What is the felling that loves most ?BE as you are thinking that everythings all changed, he but reserved for you the whole, what didn't change, however you but have no lending of contact.

Hpe they thoroughly, the girl has the girl's pride, the boy has the boy's doctrine, and just that a Hong ditch needs to be crossed over together.If affirm each other, will thoroughly, from the acquaintanceship to love each other, this process is probably difficult, probably light easy, the love is so weak, so elusive but again so sacred.Who all don't hope to besmirch, only hold firmly happy time well.You should not let she but go, you once loved, there is precious recollection, probably a certain in the future, silent turn head, you will more each other cherishes.

Under the west of the setting sun, wave Tao sand.Only wish limits of the earth mutually with, ten grips, the young woman dances into Xia.The green jade grass is clinging, the genial breezes stays.Your long hair once kisses my cheek and took a wisp of fragrant got drunk heart.Once kissed your ear hair, once kissed your lips.Suits in love with season and heats for feeling word at this, door knock a switch to shut already a long time, you are the person whom my this present life loves most.Dream the dream arrive the dream become really, love love the sea is deep.The feeling word is difficult to write, if long long time, the pen of the passing years carries to can't fade in color, new gucci bamboo shopper bag 2014either.Don't ask is to is wrong, is rob is good luck to all want to once walk with you together.Once love, once owned, also have what loathe to give up?Have no you, also cherish what?Allow to the years roll by, the Nian word becomes song, the Kong Hou blows sound wave to all miss you of sad.Let dream always awake, so I can't be confused and have you, the glitter will bring to life in the my eyes.Fortune upon a flower of fragrant, carefully collect you.Fear to pay no attention, you the little penny is strong, autumn was blown by the breeze, everythings all start wandering about. Bcause love you, refuse all temptations, ice soul avoid being seen in eye, frozen stiff in the mind combustion of lonesome.Is the blossom of your center of palm of hand a whose color?My tears dyed Tong to meet of waste time.Because loathe to give up, will adjust to lose in the writing, a Xiu cloud is a Mo, new gucci bamboo shopper bag 2014the breeze come it writes a crazy book, the sky of the spooler tear to pieces empty night, the moon bends eyebrow.The candle light returns Ran, shadow also thin.Because can not let go, a needle front line embroiders of handkerchief, order is all red plum flower, float remembering fondly of snow spreads in the Mi of square inch, a read any further can not from pull out, could not walk the pit Wa in the plum flower.Because still have been already expected to, often see your shadow in the dream, is just no longer clear.Adopted a flickering starlight, put into your window, see one eye your sleep mutually, don't send out the voice that a D orders to ring.

Stop to depend side by side, ten tie up to round mutually, to your remember fondly have no the place can escape, the north wind is roaring and shouting, differs an embrace, you are that I depend on during a lifetime and let the love serve prison term, we still want together arrive old, looking at setting sun to slowly become old, the moonlight starts surrounding, the night view of the deep autumn how make me forget you, darkly win to have your shining.Give you next to stop to depend, I will keep in mind you and wait until next good, let to remember fondly to serve prison term no longer, start with you arrive old, have you good

Prents is hope earnestly we care and love, remember the going home ate for what they bought last time of thing, although said to why want to spend this to wronged money on the Mom and Dad's mouth, when they put very sweet light repast into mouth inside, peeped out most the simplicity dulcified most of smiling face, I thought what parents wanted was so simple, could we not also satisfy them?I from the pleasant breeze, new gucci bamboo shopper bag 2014you are clear from month, the business of this world, don't all not want to persist

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