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Acidentally hand over frost and snow for sky, slice slice flower the Ning float window noodles, outstanding shadow afloat, the desire speeds but Qi, however slowly hand Taiwan.What however?Does the form copy if the dissimilitude is proper?Just a clear sky floats Xu, the built-up Fang color beyond the horizon hangs, window hole but hope not to the utmost whole, rose door but view to tread don't move.He Zai?See empty perhaps view Huan!Subsequently wish a dim moonlight continuous it.Although don't as well win a view now, although isn't whole strong have no after.

The mist-shrouded waters fan receives mist-shrouded waters very small and distant heart in cold, the blue sky didn't see hot sun now.The heavy flower delicate leaf is all floating about, the tall and big in stature big tree remains a torso. years years the empty fan fall and still keep having never livinged back to hope feeling.If the friend gather together, still can not know its.From read book a many volumes, didn't have the slightest a brain to decline.Is all elusive on the life road, perhaps difficult natural and unrestrained live .The some other day has no for floating about go, also have speech to say past know.

Again one day, the other party really forgot, get angry with of pole of go to bed(that small flame that cut up rough, shout of shout of), lie a bed the top still want bad mercilessly turn over the message of seeing the past, want to delete the all, finish seeing a time per also loathe to give up to strike off as a result, sometimes annoy hasty, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote blue 2014simply deleted the telephone number& mdash of the other party;—But have what use?Those number your ratio who is aller lousy familiar than heart.

Return to in home, take girl friend to keep the cleft that the mother cooks a meal company, he finds out that heap of love letter that covers with dust for several years in the corner of bookcase, he a fief look for, he always feels that my noodles definitely has what her write.He finally at last a fold in find out the write her pretty regular small script of thin and blue envelope, he is displeased to fall to sit on the ground.In fact I have been hoping that I isn't your younger sister, although you always loves me with the way of loving the younger sister, but only I know by myself, I hope to sit on your bicycle rear seat during a lifetime and hope to listen to you say that you have to protect me and hope that you can carry out to one of my commitment forever.I hope that you can see this letter, but your attitude to me, and my attitude to you, will be decided by this letter.You don't like me, my nature can't die to entwine of, I will in quiet stay away, how far, hide how farThe tears slide still can not kick out that kind of on the paper love her but again harms her of pain.On the second day, he wants to seek her and takes that letter.But walk to her family before, the but again hesitated.

Yu are rejoicing every day, own such a friend, own such a feelings, pure but again warmly, earnestness but again extending far.You think that he reads him, you are in the heart bottom the deep place stayed a very small space for this person and keep without change the emotion for canning not remember clearly quietly.Probably your acquaintanceships mutually know to only have for few years, can thoroughly forget him but will cost your whole life, even through his entire life he will occupy deep place at your heart, but, you appreciate destiny very much and appreciate that the heaven gave your such a person, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote blue 2014 let you no longer solitary here in the world, no longer lonesome person, numbness even if is painful,excel and pallor

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  • gucci swing tote new gucci swing tote 2014
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