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The spring that is full of fragrance of flower, the love fades along with a petal pink, cuckoo Ti snow's also calling doesn't come to of you;That autumn that shed leaves, worry also along with fallen petal floating about, the Wan breaks Luo's dress, but has never gone together with you;That snow night, long for ground a curved month, the eyebrow is to the utmost thin.The dress takes gradually breadth and has never made you move as well, on turning round, but the fallen petal became your that beautiful Psalter;Once Mou, the fallen petal pours out of worry, lose into your that Liu Mei who bends sketch;On waving hand, longed for to become, that act has no voice light drizzle.The season that hopes to the utmost a livelong fallen petal, that worry that carries full fallen petal, then and lightly don't head, prosperous spread to the utmost, that is stained with a full departure of leave sorrow, but no man can understand.Is prosperous to spread to the utmost, flower Xie Hua Fei, red eliminate joss-stick to break, who solve fallen petal lightly purine?The flower falls person Wu two don't know, the cold month spends a soul only one person.Is from now on prosperous floating about, spread into world of mortals of exert is a purine language lightly, go to heaven as a fairy the human life, one dream of Lian You...... Te flower bloomses feeling always, good luck exert the good luck spread total pass feeling.Stretch out a hand, lightly hold a fallen petal, for hatch the most beautiful fragrance of flower.The Dian rises toe, for lightly smell the flavor of love.Lend one spring breeze of shearing, for dark joss-stick Ying smell, pour out quarterly to long for;Take off one petal pink, for in warm spring the flower blossoms, total[one] engagement.BE long for not enough, is still Time and tide wait for no man, look for you , gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014degree, experience wind and frost rain snow, gucci swing tote new gucci swing leather tote Black 2014taste to the utmost all the sweet and bitter experiences.The lights Shan Lan place, the jade person faces water, the desire vomits worry lightly, but for at the most beautiful of that for an instant, the breeze once blows, fallen petal in the dream, eyebrow mind, Buddha the whole body is still full.From now on the worry of fallen petal shallow purine, a , one petal petal, falls a full eyebrow, scattered limits of the earth.

H the ground of Chi Chi guarded her whole life, she foolishly loved him one a life time, that Chi Chi very silly love, finally having no can meet in the world of mortals.Lie prone the body that gradually cools off at the woman up, his tears, noiselessly drop to drop down.Have how much love Be worth Chi's guarding whole life

O TV inside, we usually can see a lot of very mature persons, but in fact they seek of the boyfriend even is a girl friend in fact isn't very mature, see a lot of rich persons, boyfriend seek, the girl friend is in fact also impecunious.

Acompanied you to walk quietly very far good far/even eyes were red and don't discover/listen to you say you current change/looking at I still most in your smiling face/this old road still don't change/formely each time pass by is all clear sky/think of we once had of previously/the tears start spreading for a littleWhenever I shut to attract attention/I always see/your promises will carry out/I once kissed your face/you already not at I nearby/I still bless you over of like :/break to open of feeling line/I don't want to do to break a pointto think miscellaneous hear your sweet language sweet to talk before sleeping

The computer also opened the window way of releasing the heart language for me and communicated with others with the writing, ego felling since Be served to with own writing easily and comfortable and oneself's thinking close by crowd, the strength is light tiny, but I am very delighted, let elegance with pure drift in own writing flowing to drip the genuine feeling in the heart bottom solid feeling, Be drained to pen to carry through the brain percolation row preface, carve on the age-long years book.Although write not goodly,is all intravenous drop that I live to collect, trouble eyes of friends and hold up the spare time time of friends, please take much and more!After seeing a Zhuo text, put forward a critique suggestion, hope at your take care of under, I move slowly and forward, I pay a gratitude in advance here!I also own docile, tolerate, comprehend, respect, all entirely send to the net friends.

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