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Sharp Semi Prep HPLC and Preparative HPLC Systems

Sharp semi-preparative HPLC systems and preparative HPLC systems are ideal for complex purifications. The superior gradient accuracy and precision ensure the highest quality and reproducibility in purification. 

Sharp Semi-Preparative HPLC System


  • 2 Standard Sharp HPLC pumps equipped with 50 mL pump heads
  • Standard Sharp HPLC UV/Vis variable wavelength detector equipped with semi-preparative flow cell
  • Manual injection valve with high capacity loop

Sharp Preparative HPLC System

  • 2 Preparative HPLC pumps with 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL or 1000 mL pump heads
  • Preparative UV/Vis Variable wavelength HPLC detector
  • Manual injection valve with 2 mL loop

The gradient controller is user friendly and highly functional. The large LCD screen allows over 1000 lines to be programmed with ease.  Quick and easy access to all wetted components without dismantling the instrument.  Precise and easy programming and control through the instrument keypad or the Sharp 3300 software. All wetted components can be changed from stainless steel to PEEK or Titanium as well as semi-preparative and preparative to better meet the needs of scientists today.

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