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Hmb and Dmb Protected

Fmoc-(Fmoc-Hmb)amino acids were introduced in the 1990s to improve synthetic yields of  difficult peptides such as amyloid β that form aggregates during synthesis.  The Hmb groups replace amide hydrogen atoms in the peptide backbone, disrupting the peptide backbone hydrogen bonding responsible for aggregation.  The Hmb group is removed by acid treatment.

Unfortunately, Hmb-amino acids may sometimes form cyclic lactones during coupling which reduces the yield of coupled product.  (Dmb)Gly cannot form cyclic lactones, but peptide coupling to it is difficult.  Instead, the (Dmb)Gly is utilized in peptide synthesis through dipeptides corresponding to glycine and the  amino acid N-coupled to it.  Utilizing Dmb-peptides results in  improved reaction rates, higher yields and fewer impurities.  The Asp(OtBu)-(Dmb)Gly dipeptide is also useful in preventing aspartimide formation during peptide synthesis.

Dmb and Hmb protected products are also available in bulk quantities.  Please send an e-mail to for a quotation or use the On-Line Quote Request.

New Fmoc-Amino Acid (Dmb)Glycine Dipeptides

The following Fmoc-Amino Acid (Dmb)Glycine dipeptides are available from AAPPTec.

        NGD105     Fmoc-Asp(OtBu)-(Dmb)Gly-OH

        NGG101     Fmoc-Gly-(Dmb)Gly-OH

New! NGA101     Fmoc-Ala-(Dmb)Gly-OH

New! NGL101     Fmoc-Leu-(Dmb)Gly-OH

New! NGP101     Fmoc-Pro-(Dmb)Gly-OH

New! NGV101     Fmoc-Val-(Dmb)Gly-OH