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Guard Columns and Accessories

Guard columns utilizing the new Ultrafit™ design will make your work in the laboratory more comfortable and efficient. Guard columns trap insoluble particles and precipitates before they enter the HPLC column and prevent damage or clogging of the column. In addition to helping in the replacement of the frit at the column entrance, the Ultrafit™ system enables you to easily include either additional frits or a pre-column, always with the utmost simplicity and economy and in no way whatsoever is the quality of the separation affected.

In designing the Ultrafit™ guard column, the greatest care has been taken to cover all the aspects that may occur in the loss of efficiency of the column. Consequently, dead volumes have been reduced to a minimum. The Ultrafit™ system consists of a high precision mechanism with inlet and outlet holes of 0.2 mm and first-class adapters for the perfect distribution of the inlet and outlet flows, as seen in the three depicted Ultrafit™ options. The Ultrafit™ system enables a precolumn to be included without loss of efficiency to columns as small as 30 x 4 mm packed with 3 μm particles.

Moreover, the very best material has been selected for the construction of the column, with an ultra-smooth interior finish, of extremely low RMS, ensuing that no tube imperfection in the column will affect the quality of the separation.

Ultrafilter, Ultrafit prefilter adapter


Ultraguard, Ultrafit Guard column adaptor


Frits, 0.5 micron pore (10 per pack)


Frits, 2.0 micron pore (10 per pack)


Ultraguard SPIRIT Protein 10 x 3.2 mm (5 per pack)


Ultraguard SPIRIT Peptide 10 x 3.2 mm (5 per pack



Ultraguard SPIRIT Organic 10 x 3.2 mm (5 per pack)


Guard column2